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31/10/2014 18:21
  Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me...   When insults and threats no longer held promise, we picked up sticks and stones and followed through with our intentions and began to beat our enemies. When others seen this, They collected bigger sticks and...
27/10/2014 21:12
  A picture tells a story just as well as a large amount of descriptive text. This particular fresco is very difficult to interpret or understand what the artist was actually trying to convey. Its true meaning remains mysterious. There for it is enigmatic.   Fresco painting, method of...
03/09/2014 20:06
 A brief look into existing theories of our origins and a new hypothetical theory.  The history of us and our origins and where we come from is what the Ancient Astronaut theory may someday be able to answer. Can E.T. answer the question that has plagued man and woman's mind...
13/11/2013 00:00
31/10/2013 22:31
Ancient Alien History Kilroy Apps  - October 19, 2013 Media & Video CA$1.00 Buy          
20/10/2013 03:25
  Ancient Alien History  Gods, Aliens or Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilizations? Is a new app on googleplay and made for Android devices and the like. The sites purpose is to have more space to consume the A.A.Theory and the Gods who were purported to have had first contact with...
10/10/2013 00:18
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