Topic: Voted Cast Members


Rick Lertzman 26/09/2015
My vote is for Bill Birnes who is the most fascinating host

Mike Bara

Karen Crnich 07/09/2014
Because he is an Original 12!!! #GO HAWKS!!!


melissa magallanes 17/08/2014
He's the one with innovative proof

Mike Bara

MIke Bara 17/08/2014
I think Mike Bara is awesome!


Margie Johnson 17/08/2014
My favorite is Mike Bara

My vote is for

Lunalisk 10/08/2014

My Vote Is For

Randy Finley 31/10/2013
I've casted the first for Phillip Coppens, because when I read anything that Phillip had ever written his words would speak to me, It's almost as if he was talking right to me and reading my thoughts.
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