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~ To explore the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis.

A greater aspect of the hypothesis proposes an explanation for the "Worshiping of gods" or religious phenomenon displayed by different cultures and civilizations from antiquity. Archaeological observations and mainstream theories cannot be satisfactorily accepted when they do not attempt to explain why ancient civilizations depicted gods as flesh and blood beings. 


You are looking at a self-proclaimed Idealistic Realist, who considers the values of realism to be in the need for idealism. There is much more to life than what is portrayed by the academics in the mainstream, and the books that are penned by historians ~ That knowledge is then carried on and consumed by us as truth. We live in a world where idealism and realism run on parallel roads ~ "One is how we would wish them to be, with a tendency to be imaginary or visionary and the other, how it really is, regardless of how one wants them to be, with a tendency to be practical and pragmatic." 

 Considered by my peers to be a proponent of the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis ~ I use common sense of a realistic manner for the nature of critical thinking to suggest idealistic values of my approach to fundamental philosophical matters regarding Realism and Idealism. I assert that Knowledge is an evolutionary process that is obtained through the interaction with the external world. This has expanded humans cognitive capacity for learning and has helped us along the way to have a better understanding of our immediate surroundings on a physical plane.

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